Fabric Review

Magic by Sarah Jane

Everyone has something that makes them want to be a kid again. Honestly, for me, that thing might just be every single fabric collection that Sarah Jane has ever made. Her fabrics tell a story of fairy tales, make-believe, adventures, and the best parts of childhood.

Unicorn Parade

Her designs have an incredible balance of being sweet but at the same time keeping a sense of sophistication that I think is often lost in fabric collections aimed towards children.

Left to Right (Magic Parade,You are Magic PinkMermaid Magic Mist, Unicorn Forest)

The addition of metallics to almost every print in this collection gives these timeless prints their modern twist and makes them very on-trend. Plus a bit of shimmer never hurt anyone!

Left to Right (Castle Plans Navy, Castle Plans White, Lucky Stars Navy, Lucky Stars White)

While many of these prints are made up of colors typically directed towards a feminine audience, such as soft pinks, mint, and aquas, Sarah Jane added a navy color-way in her Castle Plans print and Lucky Stars print that are destined to be added to a little boy’s quilt or made into a great wizard halloween costume.

Don’t you just want to live in this photo!!!

Full discloser, when I opened the box containing this magical fabric collection, I think I squealed a little bit. I saw the bolt of  Unicorn Forest and immediately wished I was 15 years younger so that I could justify a dress or shirt for myself out of this darling print. While I’m a firm believer that everyone has a space in their closet for a unicorn top, I started brainstorming on what I could realistically make out of this fabric for myself.

That search lead me to plotting a Filigree Double Zip Pouch or another makeup travel case from Handmade Style by Noodlehead! These bags look great in every fabric and are big enough to showcase the different prints in this collection. I also think this collection would inspire sweet dreams, so a pillow case or the Lakeside Pajamas would also be a great use for these dreamy prints!


When Magic first landed in the shop, I knew the first thing that needed to be made out of this fabric was a sweet and feminine little girl’s dress. So this past week in the shop, I made the ultimate girly girl dress out of several prints from the collection. Its just begging to be worn while frolicking in the Texas bluebonnets.


Pattern: Mia’s Reverse Twirly Knot Dress by Create Kids Couture

Fabrics Used:


I love how I was able to utilise the bodice to fussy cut the You are Magic Pink print to have the “Magic” phrase right in the front. This print contains the other sayings “Twinkle Sparkle Shine”, “Never Ever Ever Stop Dreaming”, “I love you to the Stars”, and “Make a Wish” that would be adorable to fussy cut somewhere on this dress. IMG_8520

The bow on the back of this dress is just the icing on the cake and the fact that it’s adjustable will make it super easy to fit your little girl and take on and off!


This dress, with its overskirt, is a great use for the border prints in the collection and shows how great these prints work together. The three border prints would also make a great interest panel on the front of a quilt or be incorporated in a quilt back!

We hope you love these fabrics just as much as we do! Its certain to take any project to the next level of cuteness!



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