Making the Best of Your Small Sewing Space

We live in a era where crafting, sewing, and quilting have taken over a large part of social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. We don’t just see our favourite bloggers in the controlled settings of their books or patterns, but we get a glimpse into how and where they work. They show off… Continue reading Making the Best of Your Small Sewing Space

Pattern Review

Filigree Double Zip Pouch

As a lover of organizing, I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect pouch to keep my purse, backpack, or suitcase nice and tidy. After making my fair share of pouches for myself and as gifts, I can say the “Filigree Double Zip Pouch” is my favorite pouch by far! Making this bag is so fun and satisfying that I’ve made… Continue reading Filigree Double Zip Pouch