Pattern Review

Filigree Double Zip Pouch

As a lover of organizing, I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect pouch to keep my purse, backpack, or suitcase nice and tidy. After making my fair share of pouches for myself and as gifts, I can say the “Filigree Double Zip Pouch” is my favorite pouch by far! Making this bag is so fun and satisfying that I’ve made a total of 10 for myself and as gifts; and I want to share some of my favorites with you!

“Filigree Double Zip Pouch” Pattern

The greatest aspect of this pouch is that it has two separate zipper pockets that will keep all of your toiletries, makeup, or accessories organized. The bottom panel on this bag allows it to stand up on its own and will keep your filigree from spilling out its contents. This construction method gives this pouch a sturdy quality that most other pouches I’ve made haven’t had. Although the quilting on the pouch is optional, but I added it on all of mine. I think that it makes this bag look professional, as well as keeping the interfacing from shifting around, and to me that makes the prep time completely worth it.

Another to make this pattern is that, although it calls for “Soft and Stable” to be used as the sturdy interfacing, I was able to use two layers of batting instead to achieve the same affect. As a quilter, I have about a million batting scraps and this is the perfect project to use them all up!

As seen in the pattern cover, this pattern also comes in three sizes for you to be able to  customize the perfect bag for your needs! The small is great to use in purses or as a pencil bag, the medium works well for keeping your travel carry-on organized, and the large is perfect for keeping all your cosmetics and jewellery organized in one bag.


This was the first “Filigree Double Zip Pouch” that I made and its what made me fall in love with this pattern! I used a contrasting pink thread for the quilting on this bag to soften the dark background and add some visual interest. I love the pop of the pocket lining fabric on the zipper tabs! I think it helps to tie the whole bag together.





Outside Fabric: Morning Dew Black 

Pocket Lining: Fabrics from my stash

Size Made: Medium


For this bag, I used some of the fabric from Rifle Paper Co.’s new fabric line in collaboration with Cotton + Steel, Les Fleurs! If you haven’t seen this collection yet, its incredible and one of my favorite fabric lines that released this year. I love this print so much, that I went with a neutral quilting thread to not distract from those precious horses! Due to my neutral quilting, I wanted to use a brighter zipper to help the bag pop.



Outside Fabric: Carousel Blush 

Pocket Lining: XOXO Monster 

Size Made: Medium


This bag is destined to be a Christmas gift for a special little girl, so I decided to use to use two different zippers to add more color and playfulness to the pouch! It gives visual interest and, on a practical level, could be used to help distinguish what’s in each pocket.



Exterior: Posy Scallop Aqua

Pocket Lining: Peach Sprinkles

Size Made: Large


This fabric is also from the “Les Fleurs” fabric collection and I think the “Filigree Double-Zip Pouch” is the perfect use for the Bon Voyage print! It was, in my opinion, created to be made up into the cutest travel accessories and makeup bags.


Exterior: Bon Voyage Periwinkle

Pocket Lining: Queen Anne Pale Blue 

Size Made: Large





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