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Euclid Landgate Jacket

There are few things I love more than layers, a beautiful fall day, and Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric. Combine all three and you have a trifecta of happiness and sunshine, if I do say so myself. What I love so much about Friedlander’s newest collection, Euclid, is how its versatility allows for a smooth transition from quilting, to bag making, to garments. As an entirely linen/cotton blend collection, Euclid’s drape and weight makes it the perfect choice for an early fall wardrobe.


Pattern: Landgate Jacket from Merchant and Mills

Fabric: Hustle Cadet from Euclid


After dedicating much of my summer sewing to quilts and other small projects, I decided to use this jacket as my foray back into garment sewing. This jacket pattern is a great way to start making outerwear due to its inherently loose silhouette and lack of lining. Even though I implemented some new techniques, like inserting grommets and a zipper guard, I was able to make this jacket in the course of a couple hours!


The linen/cotton blend of this fabric makes it the perfect weight for the late summer and early fall temperatures that we’ve been getting recently in Minnesota. The hood also helps to protect me from the light rain that tends to frequent Carleton. The temperature often oscillates throughout the day, making a light layer, like this jacket, a necessary addition to my college wardrobe.


The versatile silhouette of this jacket is my favorite part about it. I love that its oversized nature allows a breezier fit for warmer days, but that also makes it possible for me to wear another sweater underneath for colder weather. With the addition of an optional drawstring waist, it keeps this jacket from appearing too sloppy and helps to create a more put together look. I used extra piping cord that I already owned in order to complement the blue fabric and create a nautical inspired look, however using a leather cord would be a great way to help transition this piece into your fall wardrobe.


Do you love Carolyn Friedlander as much as I do? Check out this sneak peek of her upcoming fabric collection! Releasing in January 2017, this collection is sure to blow you away and complement her past collections like Euclid!




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