Pattern Review

Sleepy Sloth Quilt

Portland based quilter and pattern maker Elizabeth Hartman has been making her mark on the modern quilting industry with her adorable and eye-catching animal quilts. Constantly expanding her repertoire, she now has quilt patterns for any animal enthusiast, from foxes to kittens and even the Yeti!

I’ve always admired these clever patterns and thought it would be fun to make one, but it wasn’t until I saw her release the “Sleepy Sloth” pattern that I decided to turn my quilting dreams into a reality. Sloths have always been one of my favorite animals and I can’t think of a better creature to make into quilt form than a little furry sloth.


Pattern: Sleepy Sloth Quilt Pattern 

Finished Size: 58 x 58 in

Fabrics Used:

Face and hand Details: Asterisk CadmiumAmerican Made Dark Brown

Borders: Tiles Luster Granite



Trees: Woven Earth, Flowerbed Sable, Pixie Dot Brown, Bella Solids Brown

Sloth Body: Rain Caramel , Scallop Dot Corn, Sun Shower Dots Gold, Carki Stitches

Background: Asterisk Metallic Purple , Asterisk Strawberry DonutGrid Bits Gold, Ruffle Pink


The great thing about this pattern, and all the ones Elizabeth Hartman writes, is that there there is no paper piecing involved! If you can sew squares and rectangles, you can make this pattern! This makes the “Sleepy Sloth” quilt a great project for advanced beginners or intermediate quilters who want a project that will challenge them just enough to advance their skill set, while not overwhelming them with new techniques.

Organization of the Face Detail Fabric

That being said, there are a lot of smaller pieces to cut out, so being organized during the process will make life much easier when you start to assemble the blocks. The cutting instructions are organized by letters, so I made little paper tags to keep all of the small pieces together and easily identifiable.


The finished size of each block comes out to 24″ x 24″ and would make an adorable pillow for a nursery or sloth enthusiast’s couch. The large block size gives a lot of “bang for your buck” and allows for the creation of a comfortable lap quilt with only four blocks.


I hope you enjoy making this quilt as much as I did! It was so fun to see the sloths come together as I was making them.




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