Modern Nutcracker Panel Quilt + Tutorial

From Frida to flamingos, fabric company Alexander Henry has earned its title as the reigning king of novelty fabric. Incorporating their quirky prints into my everyday projects is always a fun task, but, for me, using their unique holiday prints is always a treat.


Recently, fabric panels have been immensely popular in the sewing industry and this year, Alexander Henry incorporated a Nutcracker themed panel into its new Holiday fabric line.


In anticipation of our “Christmas in August” event on August 12th, I decided to brainstorm a free quilt pattern to use this panel. I wanted a pattern for every skill level that would allow you to whip up a new holiday quilt in no time. Altogether, with cutting and piecing, this quilt took me less than two hours to put together.




Panel: 1 Panel of Alexander Henry Nutcracker Panel Red


Sashing: 3/4 yard of Green Tea Health


Background: 2 yards of Green and Red Ornament Fabric


Instructions: Use this link, Modern Christmas Panel Tutorial, to find the pdf instructions on how to make this adorable and easy quilt.  We also have kits available in this colorway and a less traditional colorway.  These will be available online or in the shop

FullSizeRender 12

This quilt was designed as a stand-alone quilt top, but it could easily be used a quilt back for a Christmas quilt top you already have in the works. Having a simple pieced back, like this one, reduces the amount of yardage required, compared to most whole-cloth backs, and gives your quilt a “reversible” look.


I love the versatility of this quilt pattern, because while I created it with the Nutcracker panel in mind, you could easily rework the dimensions and use any panel that you already have in your stash. I personally think it would be adorable with the Thicket Panel and some black and white accent fabric. A perfect gender-neutral quilt for any kids  or babies in your life.


On the back of the quilt, we used two pieces of a Victoria Findlay Wolfe border print. The scallops along the edge of the fabric create a visually interesting back with very little piecing.



Come see this quilt and our other holiday projects on August 12th at our “Christmas in August” party. Leave any questions in the comments below, and I’d be happy to answer them.

Happy Sewing,



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